Jon Stewart Takes On ‘The War on Christmas’

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With every holiday season comes the inevitable battle. It’s the PC police versus the “War on Christmas” criers. Who will win?

According to Jon Stewart on last night’s Daily Show, naming a winner is pointless, anyway. Everyone is just getting offended by nothing.

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Stewart spent part of his show blasting Fox News’ Gretchen Carlson, who challenged the head of a Tulsa, Okla. light parade for taking “Christmas” out of its name. When the organizer said the parade would not suffer in quality from a name change, Carlson replied, “Many people argue just Christmas will suffer.”

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But the best way to explain a complicated holiday situation? An old-school Christmas cartoon. Watch as a snowman tells the story of one cheery town that “forgot to be offended by the petty bull____ that superficially divides us.” Enter Peanuts‘ Linus, who took his Grinchlike tendencies all the way to — you guessed it — Fox News.