Basil Cuts a Christmas Track

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The man formerly known as Basil is back, with a very important addition to his Internet-friendly name. He’s now Basil Marceaux This can’t end well, can it?

The state of Tennessee didn’t want him as their governor. But there’s no reason a political swan song can’t dovetail into a music career, right? The former RECON Marine who once shunned prepared speeches is now spreading Christmas cheer through a new track, dubbed “Come Christmas.”

(See more about Basil’s political platform.)

NewsFeed’s review? is a portly, mustachioed William Hung, with the same charming awkwardness and cringe-worthy singing. (Auto-Tune, we have a man in need in your services.) But the music video is one to warm your heart and get you in the Christmas spirit, featuring plenty of tinsel, ornaments and a very jolly and his wife sharing smooches.

(See NewsFeed’s fond farewell to Basil Marceaux after he lost the Republican primary.)

Sure, there are lyrics no one (least of all should ever utter: “Christmas turns me on.” But, in the spirit of Christmas cheer, NewsFeed is looking past that to give this video a hearty recommendation. (via Urlesque)