This Week’s Viral Trend: The Numbers Game

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Laurence Dutton/ The Image Bank/ Getty

Has your Twitter feed and Facebook News Feed been crowded with odd, mysterious messages that resemble a one-way conversation? Don’t worry, you aren’t going crazy.

A new viral trend, called the Number Game, is likely behind the seemingly random updates. The game is a big hit on Twitter, though it started on Facebook, where there areĀ pages dedicated to the game.

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It works like this: Person A sends a direct message (DM) or a Facebook message to Person B, which contains a random number. Then Person B updates their status or tweets a message that contains the number Person A messaged them along with their honest opinion of Person A.

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While most of the messages NewsFeed has seen have been sweet and flattering, there have been a few nasty ones. Which is where NewsFeed suspects the apparent fun lies. Basically, it’s a way to publicly air your opinion of someone without anyone knowing exactly who you’re referring to–except of course, the person who sent you the number.