Last-Minute Deal: Howard Stern Signs Up for Another 5 Years at Sirius XM

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Brendan McDermid / REUTERS

Good news for fans of Robin Quivers, Baba Booey (Gary Dell’Abate), Jeff the Drunk, and a gallery of raunchy things that NewsFeed would get in trouble for mentioning here: the self-proclaimed “King of All Media” Howard Stern is getting another five years on Sirius XM Radio, signing his contract just days before it was set to expire.

The new deal was for an undisclosed amount, but Stern reportedly said it was “very fair” according to TMZ. His current contract worth $500 million ends this month. He signed that deal in 2006 after three decades on traditional airwaves.

(Now radio listeners don’t have to tune into these overplayed holiday songs.)

Prior to the contract’s signing, rumors had swirled around the gossip mill of a possible Stern departure from satellite radio to the digital landscape of iTunes.

No word yet on the contracts of Quivers, Dell’Abate or other show regulars.