Real-Life Jaws: Egypt Calls in the Shark Experts

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© Image Source/Corbis

Because right now in Egypt, it’s definitely not safe to go in the water.

After four shark attacks in the Red Sea left one German woman dead and three others injured, Egyptian officials are calling in experts to determine what is causing the unusual attacks, and how they can be stopped. The attacks all took place just off the coast of a popular Egyptian resort, Sharm el-Sheikh.

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So far, two types of shark seem to be at work–neither known for their aggression. The beach of the resort have been closed until the experts who’ve been called in can assess a course of action.

NewsFeed can’t help but be reminded of the movie Jaws, when Richard Dreyfuss’ character, Matt Hooper, is called in for his expert opinion after a lone shark terrorizes a small sea-side town.

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However, while the Hollywood shark was portrayed as a murderous beast, in reality shark attacks on humans in any part of the world are extremely rare. And while the movie version gave no clue as to why the shark was attacking humans, experts in the Red Sea case are already pointing to a likely cause: humans, themselves.

As TIME’s Eben Harrell wrote over at Ecocentric, the experts “have already reached consensus on a general truth—the attacks are almost certainly a result of humans disturbing the environmental balance in the area.”

So what have humans done to bring on these attacks? While the tourists who were attacked might not have done anything to attract the sharks, experts say that someone was likely supplying the sharks with a steady supply of food which was then cut short, causing sharks to look elsewhere. (via CNN)