Best Travel Year Ever? Not So Much

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A TSA technician Gilles demonstrates the new full-body scanner.

The year 2010 wasn’t exactly a banner one when it came to transportation. And recent airport-security woes are only the beginning.

As TIME’s Top 10 Travel Moments of 2010 list illustrates, it didn’t matter your mode of transportation. You were bound to run into problems this year.

Were you taking a plane? You either had a flight attendant freak out and exit through the emergency slide, TSA agents “touching your junk” in the name of safety, or an erupting Icelandic volcano blocking your plane’s path.

Were you driving? Your luck wasn’t much better, especially if you were commuting from New Jersey to New York. Or worse, if you were in a Chinese traffic jam.

Wanted to take the path of least resistance and just travel by boat? Your cruise ship might have been stranded for three days.

The best option, clearly, was just to visit space, in the first-ever commercial space flight. It’ll only cost you $200,000. Looks like that’s the price you pay for travel convenience these days.

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