Somali Pirates Capture Vessel in Indian Ocean; Second Time in a Week

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Badri Media / EPA

Pirates have captured a cargo ship manned with a crew of 24 in the Indian Ocean about 1,000 miles east of Somalia, the European Union reported.

Two skiffs, supported by a larger ship fired small arms and rocket propelled grenades at a Liberian-owned cargo vessel called the MV Renauer, which was sailing about 550 miles off the coast of India. After their capture, the condition of the crew remains unknown.

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The European Union’s anti-piracy force said the ship tried to hold off the pirates, but were eventually boarded. “Since the attack, the pirates have confirmed that they have control of the ship which is now heading West towards the Somali Coast,” the EU said in a statement.

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The attack comes a week after a vessel carrying 25 Bangladeshi seamen and a cargo of 43,000 tonsĀ  of nickel was also taken off the coast of India. So far, no ransom has been demanded, according to Mohammed Shahjahan, managing director of Brave Royal Shipping Management, Ltd., which owns the ship.