The Lonely Life of a Whistleblower: Julian Assange on OKCupid?

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REUTERS/Valentin Flauraud

Not satisfied with Wikipedia‘s ever growing entry for Julian Assange, internet users have taken to scouring dating sites for potential information — and may have struck gold.

That’s right, Julian Assange may-or may not-have his own profile on dating website OKCupid. The profile, under the of name Harry Harrison, has not been logged into since Jan. 1 2007, almost four years before Assange rose to international recognition through his whistleblower website, WikiLeaks and therefore, might just be the genuine article. OKCupid founder, Sam Yagan told Mashable, “In general, OKCupid does not modify or change any of the ‘last login’ information, so as far as we know, that ‘last login’ information should be right.”

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The profile, if it’s not a fake, reveals some interesting aspects to Assange’s character. He describes himself as, “Passionate, and often pig headed activist intellectual,” and is seeking a, “siren for love affair, children and occasional criminal conspiracy.” So on one hand we have the Assange we’ve come to know through various press conferences and interviews, and on the other, an Assange who seems to want to mix work with play.

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NewsFeed wonders if, now that the WikiLeaks founder has been granted bail in London, this bachelor will resume his search for a “love affair” and “children”? While there’s cables left in the world to expose, probably not.