Video: Crazy Kitty Jumps from 30-Foot Telephone Pole

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Here at NewsFeed we can’t help but get excited about animal videos (remember DJ Cat and Kitty vs. Gator?) and specifically, talented cats. But this feline caper had us hoping that kitty had some magic as well as some moves.

When this sleepy cat found himself a nice little perch up a 30 foot telephone pole, he probably didn’t consider the logistics of getting back down again. Kitty’s high noon nap is interrupted and the sleepy cat becomes a scaredy cat as rescuers are elevated in a lift to help him down. To the horror of his poor owner, kitty jumps down from the pole in a bid to escape the men in the lift and defies the laws of physics and gravity by landing unscathed and even running away from his would-be rescuers.

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At the end of the viral, despite looking rather annoyed about it, kitty is back in his box and ready to go home. And if the video evidence is anything to go by, Kitty probably wont be diving into concrete again — not because he’s afraid of heights, but to avoid the terrifying presence of a man in a lift.

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