The Best Tweets of 2010: McCain versus Lohan? Or was it Bill Cosby For the Steal?

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In 2010, Twitter wasn’t just the place to get the news, it was also the place where news was created.

Do you remember which politician was @replying a Jersey Shore star? How about who chronicled an intimate (and until now, totally private) medical procedure with live tweets? And who can forget how one celebrity reacted to the Twitter rumor about his death–on Twitter?

This year, our Twitter feeds were filled with public fights, surprising friendships and shocking updates–all of which, of course, help contribute to the magic of Twitter.

For the list of the top 10 Tweets of the year (and to see who’s at number one) check out our full list .

It’s sort of shocking how much drama you can cram into 140 characters, isn’t it?