Festivus, the Kosher Holiday? So Says the Orange County Jail’s Biggest Seinfeld Fan

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Meat. Scott Boehm/Getty Images

Hey, if it had worked, we’d be calling this guy a genius.

Malcolm Alarmo King, a convicted drug dealer in a California prison, disliked the salami being served in the prison cafeteria so much, he invoked his religious beliefs as the reason he couldn’t eat it. The problem was, the religion he mentioned, Festivus, doesn’t actually exist.

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Festivus was the holiday celebrated on the show Seinfeld by the Constanzas, with characteristic traditions like airing your grievances against your family and displaying an aluminum pole.

The thing is, even on the show, Festivus was a disputed holiday and eating kosher wasn’t even one of the tenets.

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But here’s the most amazing part–King’s ploy almost worked. He was given special meals for two months before his request was officially rejected. (via AP)