Reading While Eating for December 20: Wrapping Up 2010 Some More

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A worker adjusts ornaments on a Christmas tree that was erected in Sidon, southern Lebanon, December 18, 2010.

REUTERS/ Ali Hashisho

Monday’s links get ready for the season with Coke commercials and atheism.

iPhone Intel: Worried about online privacy? Be wary of your smartphone. According to this interactive graphic, your favorite apps know — and share — a lot of your personal information. (Wall Street Journal)

Fading Fashion: Overlaying every cover of Vogue from this year shows how formulaic fashion magazines can get. But it’s still gorgeous to look at. (Gizmodo)

“Holy” Day: As seemingly everyone preps for Christmas, comedian Ricky Gervais penned a not-so-silly essay explaining why he’s an atheist. (Wall Street Journal)

List-lessness: Sick of all those year-end lists? Check out a handy list of the ones worth reading. Because at this point, why not read a list of lists? (Vulture)

Hi-Tech Tales: TRON: Legacy took its flashy effects to theaters this weekend. See pictures star Jeff Bridges took on set. (LIFE)

Elsewhere on See a week-by-week news chronicle of 2010.

Sinister Santa: All you need is the Inception soundtrack and an innocent Coca-Cola commercial turns into a disaster film. (The Daily What)

Must See: Thought your 2010 is bad? As JibJab shows us, your year probably wasn’t as terrible as Barack Obama and Joe Biden’s 2010.