White Christmas for 2010? A Pretty Safe Bet

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REUTERS/Finbarr O'Reilly

Anybody looking for a White Christmas this weekend is in luck as wintry weather throughout December is making for snow coverage over much of the continental United States.

In northern and western regions of the country like the Rockies, the Midwest, the northern plains states and New England, a snowy Christmas was expected given current conditions.  Plus these areas are pretty much the makeup of Christmas card artwork everywhere. But snow is give-and-take from year to year in other areas like the coasts of the northeast, the mid-Atlantic and the upper South.

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However, meteorologists are predicting a winter storm that will materialize in the central plains on Friday and move from Iowa to New England by Saturday. This means snow cover for cities along that path in time for Christmas. Couple that with storms taking place early in the week in the West and Southwest and that means coast-to-coast white stuff just in time for the holiday.

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So the upside is White Christmases for all. The downside? NewsFeed still has to shovel snow no matter what.