Utterly Obnoxious Utterances: “Whatever” Deemed Most Annoying Word

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And with “like” at No. 2, the Clueless girls, like, totally need a vocabulary adjustment.

A Marist University poll has honored “whatever” as the most annoying word in existence. Despite its frequent appearance in our everyday speech, 39% of people polled wanted to yank “whatever” out of the dictionary.¬† The versatile word claims the top spot for the second year in a row – certainly not something to be indifferent about.

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“Like” came in second on the vocabulary list from hell, with 28% percent of responders cringing at the sound of the ubiquitous filler word. Other hated utterances were the phrases “you know what I mean” and “to tell you the truth,” each garnering about 10% of the vote.

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Annoying, yes. But until the English language invents new filler words and phrases, these sayings are here to stay. (via Reuters)