Just in Time for Christmas, Antoine Dodson Presents: “Chimney Intruder”

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From YouTube

With his 15 minutes of fame now stretching toward the half-hour mark, 2010’s viral-video impresario Antoine Dodson has turned his attention toward the holiday season to issue a warning about the next person who may be coming to barge into your domicile: Father Christmas himself.

Debuting his self-spoof on Lopez Tonight, Dodson declares in his new “Chimney Intruder”  that Santa Claus is the one who’d better watch out. “Come through my chimney, I’ll show you a nutcracker,” Dodson quips in his utterance of his own style of Christmas love.

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NewsFeed is amused, however, and can’t wait for a follow up — perhaps for Valentine’s Day? People need to be warned about this Cupid character.