Jaw-Dropping Video: The Most Intricate Christmas Lights Display Of All Time?

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Surfing the web, as we always seem to do, NewsFeed stumbled upon this video — of the most amazing Christmas lights performance we’ve ever seen.

We don’t know much about the creator of the video (if you know him, please drop us a line). He says his name is Alex, and he’s identified at the end of the video by the Facebook handle AlexWinters, and he says that he loves Taylor Swift (one of TIME’s 100 Most Influential People) so much that he synchronized all his Christmas lights to the singer’s track Love Story.

The result isn’t so much shock-and-awe as intricate-and-meticulous. For almost three minutes, Alex’s house matches the song beat for beat, building up to a blinding, inspiring, climax that kind of gave us goosebumps.

Wherever you are this Christmas, whatever Christmas lights have brought a smile to your face this week, I think Alex’s commitment to the spectacle takes the cake. We hope Taylor sees your video!