Reading While Eating for December 27: Snowfall and Spam

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A dog looks out of the window of a vehicle while stopped in traffic during a snowstorm on I-95 in New Jersey December 26, 2010.

REUTERS/Lucas Jackson

NewsFeed trudges through feet of snow to bring you the day’s best reads.

E-mail Avenger: Ever get fed up with hitting “report spam” on e-mails? This guy was mad enough to sue — and he quit his job to sue spammers full-time. (ABC News)

No Funny Business: Jon Stewart’s fight for 9/11 first-responder benefits helped the measure pass in Congress. Does his advocacy make him the modern-day Edward R. Murrow? (New York Times)

Ad Rage: Hate those hipsters hawking Hyundai? You’re not alone — it won this “Worst Holiday Ad” poll, barely beating the Target lady. (Consumerist)

Play Nice: Most dog-training techniques these days include almost zero punishment. Is Cesar Milan’s “dominance” technique about to come into vogue? (Slate)

Warm and Fuzzy: If you haven’t hit Christmas overload yet, watch this heartwarming montage of kids (and old ladies) getting puppies for gifts. (The Daily What)

Frosty Fun: A silver lining to all this snow? You get to see awesome snowmen. (LIFE)

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Must See: If all Christmas songs were like Jimmy Fallon’s Topical Carolers, we’d like the radio a lot more every December.