Pajama Jeans: The Soft, Stylish, Sexy, (Insert Next Positive ‘S’ Word) Clothing Solution

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Multiple-personality disorder has made its way into your closet. (Via The Star Tribune)

During the course of the day, women juggle many roles. At 6 a.m., they’re the mom, getting the kids dressed and ready for school. At 9 a.m., they’re the office worker, sifting through morning emails and tasks. At 7 p.m., they’re the runner, burning off the bulge of sitting at a desk all day.

Now, that can all be done without ever changing your clothes. “Pajama Jeans are so comfortable, you’ll wear them every day.”

(See the 25 worst infomercials of all TIME.)

The ad touted this ‘hot new fashion sensation’ as fitting to every figure, making it one of the more debatable products to hit the 1-800-CALL-NOW lineup this past year.

With the Christmas return lines in full swing, NewsFeed is dying to know. Are Pajama Jeans for real?

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House leadership throws the tea party under the bus. About time. 


I guess if Boehner can walk around pretending his orange skin is normal his cohorts can pretend they are not using an accounting trick.


There you go, politics at it's best. "I was against it before I was for it and even though I'm against it I voted for it". These guys couldn't figure out where the door was if the sign didn't say "Door". (sarcasm) If by now you (D) or (R) haven't figured out that the Congress plays the voters like a $5 Violin you probably need to go through 1st grade again. These people are a hoot. Don't record the votes just give a voice vote. Yee-haw. Congress are the scum of the American soil.