2010’s Top-Earning Movies: Like It or Not, 3-D Is King

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The lesson Hollywood should have learned this year? Have animation and/or 3-D, will rake in cash.

Box-office numbers for the year show that top-grossing films were either animated, in 3-D, or both. Pixar’s Toy Story 3, which was also named TIME’s best movie of the year, raked in the most cash. Four major moneymakers were in 3-D, and four were animated, though there’s some overlap. Tweens flocked to Harry Potter and Twilight, while action fans took in Inception and Iron Man 2.

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Why are 3-D films dominating the list? For one, viewers couldn’t get enough of those funky plastic glasses, especially post-Avatar. But a big factor is that it costs the average moviegoer more to see a 3-D movie than to see a 2-D one. This increased ticket price leads to bigger box-office numbers.

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The top 10 highest-earning movies are:

  1. Toy Story 3, $1.06 billion
  2. Alice in Wonderland, $1.02 billion
  3. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 1, $831 million
  4. Inception, $825 million
  5. Shrek Forever After, $737 million
  6. Twilight Saga: Eclipse, $693 million
  7. Iron Man 2, $622 million
  8. Despicable Me, $539 million
  9. Clash of the Titans, $493 million
  10. How to Train Your Dragon, $493 million

(via Forbes)