Man Plays Real-Life Frogger, Gets Hit by SUV, Loses at Level 1

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Ataris 8-bit version of "Frogger"

In a game where a frog must hop from one side of a road to the other, you wouldn’t think a “Do not try this at home” label would be necessary. But there’s always someone to prove you wrong.

In South Carolina, a 23-year-old man played his own game of Frogger when he tried to dart across a four-lane highway. Police Chief Jimmy Dixon said that the man had been discussing the game with friends and had shouted “Go” as he ran out into oncoming traffic. Unfortunately, the gamer didn’t make it past Level 1, as he was mowed down by an unsuspecting SUV. The driver of the SUV didn’t realize that the car had been unwittingly cast in a re-enactment of a popular 80’s arcade game. The driver involved in the incident is not expected to be charged.

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While Frogger was introduced on the arcade circuit in 1981, it has remained popular through the internet and can be found on game sites. But not satisfied with the many online versions, one Frogger fan is now recovering in hospital where on Monday he was said to be in a stable condition.

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While many of us here at NewsFeed also find Frogger incredibly addictive, we’re just not sold on actually running out into traffic. Finger cramp by constantly pressing the arrow keys sounds like a better option. (Via Yahoo)