Reading While Eating for December 29: Talk Nerdy to Me

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Germany's Kathrin Hoelzl clears a gate during the first run of the women's giant slalom World Cup race in Semmering December 28, 2010.

REUTERS/Christiane Bauer

Wednesday’s links geek out and bust a move.

Manipulating Magic: Disney World may seem like the happiest place on Earth, but it’s not all natural. Everything, including line length, is controlled from a secret underground center. (New York Times)

Chat Map: Think most Americans have the same accent? Judging by this complex, fascinating dialect map, you’re very, very wrong. (Kottke)

Dino Dilemma: How do dinosaurs get their italicized names? Turns out, naming these species is a high-pressure job. (Scientific American)

Cultural Call: Has the Internet ruined geek culture? So says comedian Patton Oswalt, in an endearing call to arms. (Wired)

Must Have: NewsFeed is rushing to the post office ASAP to buy these new Pixar commemorative stamps. Yes, they’re only available beginning in August, but you can never be too early in line. (The Daily What)

Good to be Queen: In another reminder that royal life is better than ours, here’s a gallery of crowns and tiaras. (LIFE)

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Must See: Now this is a halftime show. Watch this one-man Village People perform with life-sized puppets. (via Huffington Post)