Reading While Eating for December 30: Weird Science

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A commander watches as recruits of paramilitary police run in a circle during a training at a military base in Hami, Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous Region, China, December 29, 2010.


Thursday’s links party like a movie star, except with cheaper drinks.

Boozy Bargain: Don’t think Franzia is the typical New Year’s drink? Here’s why you shouldn’t be ashamed to indulge in wine from a box. (The Atlantic)

Amorous Age: Playboy‘s Hugh Hefner just got engaged to a 23-year-old. See why May-December romances shouldn’t get such a bad rap. (Slate)

Lazy Labs: Did you know that little boys like cars and men like big breasts? It’s more shocking that people even studied these “phenomena” this year. See the top 7 most obvious scientific discoveries. (The Week)

Viral Variety: Now this is what we call a time-waster. See the top 20 videos that defined 2010. (BuzzFeed)

Grandpa’s Gun: Want to pull off a robbery, but feel the need to get creative? Make like these criminals and use an old-school musket. (The Daily What)

Party Girl: NewsFeed bets you’re planning to party hard on New Year’s Eve. Well, can you party like Marilyn Monroe? Didn’t think so. (LIFE)

Elsewhere on See the most preposterous health claims of the year.

Must See: Any fight instantly gets better when you turn into animated characters halfway through. (via Vulture)