The Top 10 Viral Images of 2010

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None of them have the poignancy or compositional skill of TIME’s top 10 pictures of 2010, but these images may have turned more heads. On the viral Web at least.

The image-hosting site Imgur, repository of all things meme-y and click-y, put together a list of the top 10 images it hosted during the past year. The top spot, unsurprisingly, belongs to Sad Keanu, whose apparent existential crisis inspired a series of gleeful Web takeoffs (tracked by TIME’s Claire Suddath in a June writeup.) There’s another familiar face on the list – the iconic “I’m with Coco” poster garnered enough views to hit the chart at number 10.

(See the top 10 viral videos of 2010.)

A sentimental favorite? The one-off Web comic Dog, by Enzo, which encouraged some 500,000 people to not take their puppies (or pets) for granted.

But we’ll admit – some entries on the list even NewsFeed missed. We’ll agree that this is a pretty clever bit of maternity clothes and we’ll share in the view that piracy warnings get annoying. But really, more than anything, this list has inspired a New Year’s resolution from us: Get invited to this dude’s party.

See the full list here.


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