Our Five Favorite Facts About Kanye West’s Personal Stylist

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LUCAS JACKSON/Reuters/Corbis

Given Kanye West’s ridiculous lifestyle, it seems only natural that his personal stylist and creative consultant is 19 and shares a birth name with a boxing legend.

After noticing Clay during a Barney’s shopping excursion, the rapper/producer/Twitterer approached the teen to compliment him on his style. Within weeks, the two began collaborating on the rapper’s sartorial choices. Clay recently gave his first interview with retailer Opening Ceremony, and we’ve pulled out the five best tidbits:

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1. His name, if you missed it, is Cassius Clay.

2. He’s a 19-year-old Art History major from Yale. He took a leave of absence from Yale to work for West.

3. After landing his gig with the rapper, Clay’s mother started a Twitter account to follow West, but not her own son.

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4. Unhappy with the “informality” of his elementary school’s dress code of khakis and collared shirts, 10-year-old Clay chose instead to wear white turtlenecks, gray flannel trousers and black-and-white spectator shoes.

5. As a child, he’d sometimes pretend to be a pharaoh, complete with amulet and scepter. NewsFeed has no doubt this influenced his personal style.

(via Opening Ceremony)