New Year’s Weekend Wrap-Up: iPhones Quit and Oprah Gets to Work

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Ray Kachatorian / Getty

Happy Monday, and Happy 2011, NewsFeeders. Shake off that hangover – it’s time to be productive. After all, that was one of your New Year’s Resolutions, wasn’t it?

You’re refreshed and rejuvenated after a couple days off – some of you lucky folks had a three-day weekend. And we don’t even want to hear from those of you who have been off since before Christmas. Regardless, NewsFeed was here through the partying to catch you up on the latest and greatest news. Here’s what you missed while you were ringing in 2011.

Suicide Bombing Rips through Egypt Church: As New Year’s Mass let out at a Coptic Christian church in Alexandria, a bomb exploded, killing 21 and wounding dozens more. Tensions between Muslims and Christians have been running high in Egypt, leading authorities to look toward Islamic extremist groups as suspects. Police have arrested 17 people so far in connection with the attack. (via TIME)

Real-life Angry Birds? Blackbirds Fall from Sky in Arkansas: The town of Beebe, Ark. was showered by falling birds late on New Year’s Eve, and the latest estimates show more about 5,000 birds fell to their deaths within a one-mile area. Authorities are still testing the birds, but some experts think the birds died due to stress from fireworks being shot off in the area. (via Reuters)

iPhone Alarms Refuse to Ring in the New Year: If you had to wake up early on New Year’s Day, we’re sorry. Even more sorry if you were using an iPhone as your wake-up call. Apple is reporting that iPhones running iOS 4 experienced an alarm glitch this weekend that negated users’ non-repeating alarm settings. (via NewsFeed)

Oprah Launches her OWN Network: The queen of the daytime talk show now has her own channel, appropriately called the Oprah Winfrey Network, or OWN for short. The launch came quietly on New Year’s Day as Oprah and crew get the channel’s regular programming up to speed. But fear not, the network will be rolling 24/7 with what’s sure to be filled with Oprah’s three favorite things: celebrities, heart-wrenching stories, and celebrities with heart-wrenching stories. (via MSNBC)

Ben the Panda Cow is One Confusing Animal: A Colorado cattle breeder welcomed an adorable new addition on New Year’s Eve – a miniature panda cow. One of only 24 in the world, Ben is one rare piece of beef. He sports a white band around his stomach and black circles around his eyes, giving him the appearance of a panda. (via NewsFeed)

Viral Video: Whether your New Year’s Resolutions consist of traveling more, walking more, or watching more YouTube videos, this clip keeps you on the fast track to keeping that resolution. Check out this video of one guy walking across America.