Reading While Eating for January 4: Big Books and Affluent Asia

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Austria's Manuel Fettner soars through the air during the first jump of the third event of the Four-Hills ski jumping tournament in Innsbruck January 3, 2011.

REUTERS/Dominic Ebenbichler

Tuesday’s links get angry and stay hungry.

Rich Region: What’s the newest up-and-coming wealthy nation? You probably didn’t guess Mongolia. (Foreign Policy)

Cerebral Crackdown: How does one define mental illness? For those who produce the DSM, the manual that does just that, the job is complicated and sometimes corrupt. (Wired)

Meager Meals: Check out this visualization of “food deserts,” areas in the U.S. where many people do not have cars and there are no supermarkets within walking distance. It helps explain why hunger is a problem in America. (Slate)

Mini Movies: Have some time to kill, and need some inspiration? Check out 10 amazing web films from the past year. (The Awl)

Past Pinups: See pictures of ailing starlet Zsa Zsa Gabor in her glamour-girl heyday. (LIFE)

Step Right Up: We all love the addictive iPhone game. But will a real-life Angry Birds carnival game catch on? (The Daily What)

Elsewhere on A good New Year’s resolution: cleaning up your online identity. See five tips for a better Facebook profile.

Must See: Best books, shmest books. Which buzzed-about books of 2010 can best stop a bullet? (via Vulture)