Back in No Time: Lady Gaga Reveals New Album Details

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REUTERS/Mario Anzuoni

NewsFeed would like to apologize for taking until the fifth day of the new year to write about Lady Gaga. But normal service has now been resumed.

It looks as if the follow up to The Fame, which is called Born This Way, will drop on May 23rd. This has been deduced after Gaga took to Twitter to write the following missive: “THE SONG 2 13 11 THE RECORD 5 23 11.” Considering that May 23 is a Monday, you’d imagine this is the album’s release date. February 13 falls on a Sunday, and happens to be the date of the Grammy awards, which would suggest that Gaga will be performing.

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But the newsiest nugget is surely the cover image for Born This Way. It shows her behind and is a black and white shot which was also posted on Twitter. It was taken by British fashion photographer Nick Knight, and depicts (we think) Gaga, with her back to the camera, wearing just a denim jacket with the words Born This Way resplendent in rhinestones and spraypaint. Gaga certainly has no issue with being portrayed in this manner. “I think no pants is sexy,” she told the Daily Star in 2009. “I love the naked human body.”

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Critics are weighing in that the cover image resembles the artwork for a mid-90’s Madonna single, which is, at best, a suggestion that she lacks originality and, at worst, an insult. All NewsFeed hopes is that the record doesn’t sound like mid-90’s Madonna. (via the Daily Telegraph)