School Ties: Man Sues Alma Mater For Not Accepting His Son

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'Rejected' paperwork. Getty Images.

Well, that’s one way to handle rejection.

A man in Houston is suing his alma mater, the Strake Jesuit College Preparatory School, after he donated $40,000 to the school and they didn’t accept his son’s application to attend.

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The man, Dr. Michael Bardwil, claims he was told his son would be accepted if he pledged to donate $50, 000 to the school — an agreement he readily accepted.

He said he had already donated most of his pledge but when the time came for an admission letter to make its way through the mail slot, Bardwil was aghast to find that instead of accepting his son, the school thought that he “wouldn’t be happy” studying there.

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For their part, the school is keeping quiet about the case, though they did offer this (quite predictable) statement: “While it is school policy not to comment on pending litigation, Strake Jesuit has always kept its admissions process separate from donations and contributions.” (via ABC)