Aggressive Rap and Accidental Pocket-Dial Lead to SWAT Investigation

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Mobile phone in jeans pocket. Tim Graham/Getty Images.

This could be the false alarm of the year–and it’s only January.

A man in Illinois accidently “pocket-dialed” his wife–that is, his cell phone called her after he unintentionally nudged the keypad while it was in his pocket. It’s a common enough occurrence, especially among those who carry their phone in their back pocket, or a jam-packed purse.

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But in an almost laughable case of much ado about nothing, this particular pocket-dial ended with a SWAT investigation and a reporter frenzy. Because apparently while the man’s phone was calling his wife, he was also listening to rap music “with aggressive lyrics.” The wife–fearing that her husband was being held hostage somewhere–called the police.

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SWAT teams were promptly dispatched to the school where the man worked and reporters soon followed. The school’s students had already been dismissed for the day, but the investigation wasn’t called off until the man was found at home three hours later.

He was completely safe, though reportedly terrible embarrassed–perhaps over his (questionable) taste in music? (via CBS)