Foiled Felon: Wanted Man Gives Police a Fake Name – Of Man Who Was Also Wanted

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In the end, it didn’t matter who Jonothan Gonsalez said he was, he was going to jail anyway.

During a traffic stop last Monday in Great Falls, Mont., Gonsalez knew he would be heading to prison – he had three outstanding warrants and half a gram of meth in his pocket. Time to hatch a brilliant plan: Give the officer a different name to get off the hook. So, Gonsalez said he was Timothy Michael Koop. Smooth move – until the cop ran Koop’s details and found out that man was also wanted.

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He was taken to the Cascade County Detention Center presumed to be Koop, but the following day the man really know as Gonsalez was unable to keep his lip zipped, divulging his real name to a staff member. At that point, his deception (and his three outstanding warrants) were uncovered, and his $5,000 bail for the single drug charge was tripled to $15,000 for issuing a false report to police.

Proving that, unfortunately, truthiness does have consequences. (via Great Falls Tribune)