Man’s Best Fuhrer: Was Hitler-Saluting Dog a Threat to the Nazis?

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Tor Borg and his Hitler-saluting dog Jackie.

Tamro Group / AP

This Finnish dalmation had a shocking talent: a spot-on Hitler impression.

Adolf Hitler’s campaigns against Jews, Gypsies, and well, anyone he minutely disagreed with, are infamous. But why would he launch a fury over a dog? It turns out he felt threatened by it, too. After all, Jackie the pooch responded to the word “Hitler” by raising its paw in a Nazi salute while giving a stern bark.

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The Nazis weren’t going to accept any imposters, so they launched a crusade to take down Jackie – and the dog’s owners, Tor and Josephine Borg. Tor was even called into the German embassy in Helsinki for questioning about the dog’s mocking tendencies. The investigation lasted more than three months, but in the end, no charges were filed, and Jackie was allowed to bark in peace. (via BBC)