What’s With John Boehner’s Giant Gavel?

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Getty Images

Stop – it’s hammer time for the new Speaker of the House. And his new mallet means serious business. (via TIME)

As Nancy Pelosi handed the reins to John Boehner last week, along with it came the pounding power of the House of Representatives. In the transition, she remarked, “I now pass this gavel, which is larger than most gavels here, but the gavel of choice of Speaker Boehner.”

However, Boehner’s hammer is too big to use on a daily basis. Our friends over at TIME report that it was actually a handmade gift from one of Mr. Speaker’s Ohio constituents. It’s a touching gift that will likely inspire more humor than usefulness.

Of course, the late night shows took notice and lampooned the giant gavel. See Seth Rogen practicing to be John Boehner on Letterman: