Bullitt Director Peter Yates Dies at 82

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Steve McQueen's Ford Mustang in "Bullitt"

Peter Yates, the four time Oscar-nominated director who brought us the masterpiece driving film, Bullitt, featuring the world’s longest and most famous car chase, has died in London at age 82 after a long illness.

The director, whose films include, Summer Holiday (1963), For Pete’s Sake (1974), Krull (1983), The House on Carroll Street (1988), An Innocent Man (1989), and Curtain Call (1999) had been ill for a long period of time. His most famous and successful work was the 1968 American thriller, Bullitt, which starred Steve McQueen and saw the ill-fated actor take to the wheel of his Ford Mustang on the streets of San Francisco.

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As our tribute to Yates, NewsFeed gives you Bullitt‘s iconic car chase. Partially choreographed on the sidelines by legendary British racing car driver Stirling Moss, the chase sees Steve McQueen race his 1968 Ford Mustang GT 390 CID Fastback in pursuit of two hit men. As they say, they don’t make ’em like they used to. (via the Guardian.)