How to Take a Tour of Kate Middleton’s Home Town

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Adrian Morton, the owner of Mortons Travel, poses by two of his coaches

Matt Dunham/AP

The good news? It’s all above board, legal and won’t remotely resemble stalking. The bad news? The Middleton’s won’t be expecting you.

Those of you excited about the impending nuptials of the future King and Queen of England now need to learn another word to the ever growing wedding dictionary. And Tuesday’s word is Bucklebury for that is the tony town a mere 55 miles (90 kilometers) west of London where Kate Middleton was brought up, clearly to some success seeing as she’s marrying Prince William in fourteen weeks time (not that we’re counting).

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This weekend sees the tour company operator Adrian Morton sending the first, but surely not the last, bus tour to Bucklebury, and he has high hopes that what he describes as “Kate Middleton country” will be of interest to both local and international visitors. “There seems to be more interest in the States than in our own country,” said Morton, who himself has ties to Bucklebury. “I’ve been contacted by an American tour operator about possible tours. You can see the places where she went to school and where she was christened.”

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While the Middleton’s might not exactly be thrilled by yet more (unwanted) attention, Morton pointed out to the AP that resistance, at this point, is frankly futile. “It’s going to happen. The press is already camped out on their doorstep. We’re going to be very much in the background,” he said, even suggesting that businesses are set to benefit. “I was thinking we might get some bad press, like ‘What do you think you’re doing sending great big coaches round our little country roads?’ but I haven’t heard anything negative or positive,” he said. “I imagine from a business point of view the pubs and restaurants will probably cash in on it.”

Prince William and Kate Middleton truly are the gift that just keeps on giving.