50 Cent Tweets a Little, Makes a Lot of Money

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50 Cent's stock-endorsing tweet. Image via Twitter.

Not the most conventional way to trade stock market advice, but dolling it out on Twitter sure worked out for 50 Cent.

According to the New York Post,¬†shares of H&H Imports dramatically increased in value thanks to the rapper and actor’s endorsement tweets. The penny stock reportedly jumped 290% over the weekend.

The Post writes that H&H Imports is “a money-losing venture out of Clearwater, Fla., that owns TV Goods, a marketing firm recently founded by Kevin Harrington.”

Tweeting that he’d “just invested” in the company, 50 encouraged others to follow suit–a move that has so far scored him a hefty $8.7 million. (And stocks aren’t the only thing Fiddy is known for endorsing)

Not bad for one weekend and a few tweets. (via New York Post)