Reading While Eating for January 14: Grammar and Goodies

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Nine-year-old Dante Mitchell, classmate of nine-year-old Christina Green, holds a stuffed bear he brought to her funeral in Tucson, Arizona January 13, 2011. Green was killed in the January 8 shooting that left six dead and wounded U.S. Representative Gabrielle Giffords.

REUTERS/Eric Thayer

Enjoy your Friday links with laser-popped snacks and cool people with sunglasses.

Techy Treats: Meet the modern Willy Wonka — a chocolate maker in San Francisco who can control its machinery via iPhone. (Gizmodo)

Grammar Glitch: Here’s why you should never use two spaces after a period. NewsFeed is occasionally guilty, and is now shamed. (Slate)

Suave Security: When you’re protecting the life of the President, you might as well look like a badass while doing so. See James Bond-esque pictures of the Secret Service. (LIFE)

Netiquette Notes: So you saw something cool on the Internet. What’s the etiquette for sharing it while crediting the person who made it? (, via Boing Boing)

Let’s Have a Toast: Someone on Tumblr has found a way to make Kanye West even more ridiculous — making his lyrics into puns about food. (No One Man Should Have All That Flour)

Micro-Microwave: Need a way to cook popcorn that looks cool and takes forever? Make like this guy and cook with lasers. (The Daily What)

Elsewhere on The Green Hornet director Michel Gondry got his start helming music videos. See others who got their start with the MTV set.

Must See: Get ready to have your heart warmed. A girl singing the National Anthem is cut short by her microphone, but finds redemption. (via YouTube Trends)