Fake ER Valet Steals Pregnant Woman’s Car

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Pregnant woman driving car


Having your car valet parked should be apart of every new mother’s birth plan. But sadly that’s not what happened to an expecting mother outside a Massachusetts emergency room on Friday at 3 a.m.

After she drove herself to the Lowell General Hospital, due to labor pains, she parked outside the emergency room doors and was greeted by a man wearing a uniform-style shirt who said he was the valet, say police.  He told her she couldn’t park there, but kindly volunteered to take her keys and move the car.  He then drove away.  While being admitted, the woman was told the unfortunate news that the hospital had no valet service. (Read News for Mom and Baby–Health check up)

The car was found abandoned Saturday morning and police are still examining it for fingerprints and other evidence to try to find the suspect.

Hospitals, take note. And maybe they should even consider adding a few breathing exercises for facing labor and the prospect of a stolen car to the antenatal classes. (Via AP)

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For some reason time.com couldn't get a simple story straight. 

"allegedly strip-searched" - Either time.com is totally ignorant or incompetent. Not sure where they wanted to be.

USMS statement on 12/18:

"As for the type of search, I can only confirm that she was subject to the same search procedures as other USMS arrestees held within the general prisoner population in the Southern District of New York, which in this case was a strip search," USMS spokesperson Nikki Credic-Barrett said.


She wasn't arrested by police but by US Marshals part of the DOJ and her strip search wasn't alleged but confirmed, she just wasn't cavity searched as earlier reports stated.  She didn't have DI at the time of the false statements but by the time of her indictment she did. The devil and often the truth is in the details.