Wounded Fox Shoots Man. Yep. Kind of Like Man Bites Dog.

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Ian Wade Photography/GETTY IMAGES

It’s the dream of every animal rights campaigner: Fox Shoots Man. 

And that’s just what happened Thursday on a brisk wintry day in the picturesque countryside of northwestern Belarus to a local hunter.  After wounding the fox, the hunter decided to finish off the animal, but when he pulled it from the ground, the fox accidentally touched the trigger and the gun fired leaving a painful, if not memorable, wound to the hunter’s leg.  Ouch!

The wounded Belarusian is still in hospital, but authorities are investigating whether he could have been shot by another person, or perhaps it was a failed attempt at suicide. (See Photos of the Clashes of Elections in Belarus)

And as for the whereabouts of the fox? Well, it turns out he made a clean escape and is nowhere to be found. No doubt he’ll be the poster child for PETA and other fury animals prowling the Polish Belarusian border this winter.  (Via Reuters)


FWIW I'm a guy and at first I didn't really care for Lorde and was really tired of hearing "Royals" all the time. But I'm surprised to find that outside of her musical talents, I'm a fan of hers in general. She wants people to be real and, IMHO, is a good role model for younger girls to look up to - she's independent, proud of her flaws, against wealthy trappings and wants girls to have a strong voice.

As for her beef with other female musicians' message? I think she makes some very valid points. Female musicians often have songs that border on obsession over a man or the inability to live after being dumped. When the songs by female musicians are more sexual in nature, the lyrics often broadcast the same thing: "ready, willing, but as the man, you have to initiate" - as though the woman only exists/matters when her man wants sex (which she'll never initiate because... apparently girls just lay there waiting?). I know of very few female musicians that sing about sex and about their desire to initiate it - Puss in Boots "Razzle Dazzle" is one of few I know of that depicts women being powerful in their sexuality.


Who is Lorde? Other than a C lister trying to get some free publicity?


Careful where you toss those stones Lorde.  Talented, absolutely.  Huge tweet volumes, absolutely.  High in people's opinions - not so much.  The Twittersphere is a tad uncomfortable with Lorde where she indexes at only 37% positive in Twitter over the last 120 days.  Granted she sort of freaked people out at at the Grammy's and she is indexing at 45% positive over the last 2 weeks.