Anne Hathaway is Catwoman in The Dark Knight Rises: Brilliant or Boneheaded?

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Gotham finds itself divided this fine Thursday.

It was announced Wednesday that Anne Hathaway would be playing Catwoman in the next installment of Christopher Nolan’s Batman movies, alongside Christian Bale’s Batman and Tom Hardy’s Bane. After the announcement, bloggers and Twitterers seemed divided on whether the selections were worthy of the well-known characters.

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To be sure, the Catwoman suit is a hard suit to fill–Michelle Pfeiffer and Halle Berry have each taken a (disastrous) turn as the mousy-turned-catty heroine, and fans are still trying to recover.

But no one can deny that Hathaway is a talented actress. Even if her movies happen to–ahem–flop, her acting is still usually being praised by critics.

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And for all of the naysayers whose reactions have been, “Anne Hathaway? Really?”, just recall the initial reaction to the announcement that Heath Ledger would be playing The Joker.

And that turned out to be the most memorable performances of The Dark Knight.

And if Hathaway is good enough for Batman, she’s certainly good enough for us. (via the LA Times)