Musicians Killed in Violence-Torn Mexico After Refusing to Play Encore

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A municipal police officer runs during a confrontation with gang members

The music business is a hard one to crack, especially for aspiring musicians in Guadalajara, Mexico.

Jonathan Martinez, 22, and Gustavo Alejandro, 35, from the local band La Excelencia were murdered in a bar in the capitol of the Mexican state of Jalisco by four suspected gang members.

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When their set drew to a close La Excelencia were angrily goaded into playing two more songs before the propertier of the bar called time at 4am. The crowd proved tough when one of the four suspects threw a grenade onto the stage, injuring one and causing a panic stricken audience to stampede towards the exit. As customers and the musicians ran for the door, the four men opened fire.

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Martinez and Alejandro were pronounced dead outside the Vida Davina nightclub while a third victim, bar patron Leslie Soltero, 26, was taken to hospital to be treated for a gunshot wound to her ankle.

Mexico has been plagued by violent crimes and murders already this year, with 15 bodies-14 decapitated-found near a shopping mall in Acapulco on Jan. 8, as the nation’s gangs continue to wage their deadly drug war. (Via NY Daily News.)