Jack LaLanne, Fitness Guru, Dies at 96

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Known as the “Godfather of Fitness,” LaLanne is remembered for his workout show that promoted simple exercises to get fit.

He passed away Sunday of respiratory failure due to complications from pneumonia at his Morro Bay home on California’s central coast.

Despite his age, LaLanne managed a rigorous exercise routine. He said he usually spends two hours in the weight room and an hour in the pool each day, cementing his “Godfather” nickname.

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From the 1950s to the 70s, his “Jack LaLanne Show” brought the not-yet-hot hobby of physical fitness into Americans’ living rooms. His exercises were simple enough to do anywhere, anytime, and required only the use of a chair and a towel. He advocated a healthy, vegetarian diet, avoiding processed foods and promoted weight training.

And always following his own advice took him to a ripe age of 96. LaLanne truly was the personal trainer for the everyman – or woman. (via Washington Post)