Thief-in-Chief: “Obama Robber” Holds Up Austrian Banks

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He may have Obama’s dashing looks, but this is one presidential lookalike who chooses anarchy over diplomacy.

Austrian authorities are looking for a repeat bank robber who dons an Obama mask when making his daring getaway. His most recent holdup was Thursday in Handenberg, a small town in northwest Austria. The presidential parallel made off with 10,000 euros ($13,000), according to the BBC.

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Local authorities can rule out one suspect – Obama himself – because the thief speaks in the local Austrian dialect. The masked man is a habitual robber who’s struck six times since (coincidentally) November 2008, the month Obama was elected to the White House. But he reportedly didn’t don the disguise of the prez until December 2009. An Austrian newspaper reports the robber used to wear a generic “old man” mask (John McCain, we’d like to guess?) before swapping it for the U.S. head of state.

NewsFeed is pretty sure this Obama robber isn’t fooling anyone. Maybe he should try wearing a White Sox cap next time for a bit more authenticity. (via BBC)