Is ‘Inception’ Oscar’s Biggest Winner?

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It was after Christopher Nolan’s popular (and critically lauded) The Dark Knight was snubbed for an Oscar in 2009 that the Academy announced it would be expanding the best picture category to include 10 nominees in 2010. Now a year later, Nolan gets his due. (via Techland)

Much of the buzz Tuesday morning is surrounding best picture nominees Winter’s Bone, the little indie that could, and The King’s Speech, the foreign film that ran away with nominations in almost every major category.

But matching both titles almost step for step was Inception, which was singled out in eight different categories: Best picture, screenplay, music, art design, cinematography, sound editing, sound mixing and visual effects.

While the film attracted some vocal and prominent critics, it also received numerous glowing reviews, and hundreds of millions of dollars from fans who often went back two, three or four times in hopes of cracking its mind bending finale.

Now, the director behind one of the biggest nominees of the year, Nolan appears to be getting his due praise from Academy voters, with the year’s biggest populist nominee.

(More at NewsFeed: The 100 Best Films of All Time)

Is it deserved, or an overreaction? That probably depends on whether you thought that spinning top wobbled or not – or if you still cared about it all, 2.5 hours in. Check out Techland for a full breakdown of the Inception coup.

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