Does Monogamy Even Exist Anymore? Not For Young People

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© Ada Summer/Corbis

Are you young and in an exclusive relationship? Yes? Um, are you sure about that?

NewsFeed hates to be the bearer of bad news, but according to a new study 40 percent of young couples don’t agree on whether or not they are actually exclusive. So even if you think you and your partner are each other’s one and only, they might not be on the same page. Ouch.

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The study was conducted at Oregon State University, where researchers asked more than 400 couples between the ages of 18 and 25 about their love lives–and the answers weren’t heartening.

So maybe you should clear things up with your significant other by having “the talk” and make sure you guys see eye to eye on what monogamy means in your relationship, right? Not exactly.

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As it turns out, even couples who have agreed to not see other people could be in trouble–apparently, 30 percent of “exclusive” couples have had at least one instance of a straying partner.

So the basic equation for being young and in a couple seems likely to equal a bleak–or at least confusing–relationship. Awesome. Single people, take heart. (via Gawker)


Right. So that leaves 60% of couples (that were drafted for the survey, in who knows where) that are mutually exclusive, and 70% of those exclusive partners are faithful.

This is a bull sh*t way to try and prove something as complex as humanity itself, like monogamy. Really?

So you're just going to select a few people (i.e. not even 0.025% of the population) who look like they want to take a survey and make it represent the whole young population? As a whole? As in, the WHOLE U.S. YOUTH POPULATION? You only asked like 400 of the MILLIONS OF COUPLES in the united states, and who knows which states you selected from?

Meanwhile, the faithful couples are too happy with each other and tackling life together, unaware that this article even exists....


This "study" looks highly sketchy. Not to mention its small sample size, the actual way those questions are paraphrased are doubtful. When people are in relationships of course they still remain active contacts with other male/female, sometimes some of them may even have some casual sex. but it doesn't mean they are not still ultimately loyal to one. "Love"/"Relationship" and casual sex are distinctly different things. Also when our relationships end of course we are free to find new people to move on, but it doesn't mean when we are in relationships we are not loyal. Hugely exaggerated nonsense.