A Soldier’s Marriage Proposal, Via Voicemail — To the Wrong Woman. Help Us Find Samantha!

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REUTERS/Omar Sobhani

British soldiers cover themselves from dust as a helicopter lands at the Malgeer village in Helmand province

The life of a soldier is a difficult one, especially when you’re trying to work up the courage to propose to your pregnant girlfriend — and you dial the wrong number. (Via Daily Telegraph)

An unknown British soldier had an emotional time in Afghanistan and after the loss of one of his buddies he decided to call his girlfriend to tell her how much he loved her. When he caught only her voicemail, he threw caution to the wind and just went for it — he popped the biggest question of all.

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Unfortunately for our combat Romeo, he had dialed the wrong number.

His 90-second declaration of love to his pregnant girlfriend, Samantha, startled a 44 year old mother of 3 when she found his message in her voicemail inbox.

“Dont ever forget I love you with all my heart and I was going to ask you – don’t answer, obviously you can’t answer – but will you marry me?” says he.

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Ever the good samaritan, Diane Potts has now released the message in the hope that it finds it’s way to the mystery Samantha. Do you know her? Listen below:

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