Reading While Eating for January 28: Attempted Suicide by Bear and Tracy Morgan Uncensored

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Medical clown, Shlomi Algusi, performs for the camera while waiting to entertain his next patient at the birthing ward in Asaf Ha-Rofe hospital's IVF department near Tel Aviv on January 27, 2011.


Enjoy your Friday links with an unexpected snow creature and movies made from Legos.

School Scandal: After spending seven years in prison for dating her 13-year-old student, Mary Kay Letouneau is now a grandmother. Her 26-year-old son from a previous marriage is the new father. (via AOL)

Lady of the Snow: Goodbye snowman, hello snow mermaid! After the northeast was blanketed in record snow this week, some residents of Park Slope, Brooklyn channeled sea creatures rather than the typical sculptures made from snow. (BuzzFeed)

The Gipper Turns 100: In honor of Ronald Reagan’s 100th birthday coming up next week, here are a round-up of some of his most memorable moments.

Lego Nominees: Forget Oscar gold, see the Best Picture nominees made out of Legos! We must admit, Toy Story 3 has a bit of an advantage in this category. (Defamer)

Death by Bear: An Arizona fugitive planned to commit suicide by allowing a bear to eat him in Yellowstone National Park while overdosing on heroin this summer. A voice he described as “divine intervention” curtailed his plan last minute, opting instead to hitchhike to Indiana. (Journal & Courier)

Challenger Remembered: Twenty-five years ago today the space shuttle Challenger exploded 73 seconds after it took off from the Kennedy Space Center. See the photo tribute to the space shuttle. (LIFE)

Egypt Offline: After anti-government protests spread around the country this week, the Egyptian government has cut off internet contact with abroad. See the drop that occurred in the middle of the night Friday. (The Daily What)

Must See: Tracy Morgan candidly weighs in on Tina Fey vs. Sarah Palin debate. Be careful Tracy, it’s never a good idea to make you boss upset.