Royal Wedding Chaos: When William and Kate Meet the Anarchists

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Suzanne Plunkett / Reuters

Forget about finding the perfect dress. Kate Middleton’s biggest wedding-day worry could be dodging smoke bombs.

That’s because anarchist group Network X is reportedly planning to “cause chaos” during the procession of the royal wedding, using roadblocks, diversions and the aforementioned smoke bombs.

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The anarchists plan to start their protest at the beginning of April, escalating until April 29, the day of the wedding. Highlights are to include the burning of a wooden horse featuring effigies of the royal family. British police officers are planning security measures for the wedding, and they have reportedly started to gather intelligence on potential rabble-rousers.

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The immediate goal, if the group can’t force the royals to cancel, is to make the royal family move the wedding from Westminster Abbey to St. Paul’s Cathedral. Which, to NewsFeed, doesn’t seem all that earth-shattering. But we suppose the pretty, traditional procession would be a bust. Why ruin a happy day for the couple — and their adoring public? All those royal wedding condoms would go to waste. (via Daily Mail)