The Ultimate Royal Wedding Regift? Will Victoria Beckham Give Kate Middleton Her Own Dresses?

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REUTERS/Mario Anzuoni

Speculation might be rife over who will design the future Queen of England’s wedding dress but, if we believe reports, Posh & Becks’s wedding gift could be in the same ballpark.

Everyone knows that the guest list for the wedding of the Millennium between Prince William and Kate Middleton isn’t exactly on the generous side. Not even the Obamas are likely to be invited but who would possibly dare exclude Britain’s beloved couple, Victoria and David Beckham, from proceedings? They can send you to the Tower for less you know.

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But will La Middleton be impressed with her wedding gift? The Daily Star believes that Mrs. Beckham is planning to give the soon to be Mrs. Wales a range of dresses from her own collection. Beckham’s work has been seen on the likes of Madonna, Jennifer Lopez and Oprah Winfrey — three American Princesses if you will — and the idea is that it’s intended as a wardrobe of swanky outfits to be worn on her honeymoon. Prince William, as if it needed reiterating, is a lucky man.

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“Victoria is set to give Kate the best gift a girl would want, a boxful of cutting edge dresses,” said a source. “Victoria is a real girls’ girl and she thinks Kate is lovely. She admires Kate’s natural sense of style and would be proud to gift her several of her hand-designed dresses for her honeymoon.”

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The Beckhams, it is said, are “looking forward” to attending the wedding, which is awfully good of them. NewsFeed has been camped out in central London ever since the day of the announcement, just in the hope of seeing Wills and Kate pass us by at some point on April 29. And we aren’t merely “looking forward” to the wedding: we can’t think about anything else. (via Indian Express)