Egyptian Journalist Dies in Cairo Unrest

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General Hassan el-Roweni, Commander of the Central Region in the Egyptian army, argues with reporters and anti-Mubarak demonstrators

MARCO LONGARI / AFP / Getty Images

The past week has brought stories of journalists’ own plight in covering the turmoil in Egypt, with many reporting that they’ve been targets of violence. The stories become more real now that one of their own has died.

CNN’s danger-seeker Anderson Cooper was allegedly attacked by Mubarak supporters while covering the violence earlier this week, spurring reports from myriad other journalists that their work was unwelcome by some Egyptians.

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And now Egyptian State TV is reporting the first death of a journalist – Ahmed Mohammed Mahmoud died Friday of injuries sustained when he was shot by a sniper a week ago. The 36-year-old journalist worked for Egyptian newspaper Al-Taawun and was taking photographs of the unrest on January 28th when a bullet struck him.

Mahmoud’s death is the first reported death of a journalist in the turmoil. President Obama denounced attacks on reporters, human rights workers and peaceful protesters, calling the violence “unacceptable” and a violation of ”international norms and human rights.”

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