Weather Got You Down? Cure Your Winter Ills With A Vitamin C Cocktail

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Put your mixology skills to the test with a cocktail that could, in fact, heal you.

If you’re like NewsFeed, you pop an Airborne or Emergen-C tablet at the first sign of a sore throat in the winter. But there’s only so much gritty orange flavor you can handle. Why not mix your vitamin boost into cocktail form instead?

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These drinks from The Bachelor Guy sound like a good idea in theory – though NewsFeed cannot vouch on taste. But when drinking one of these at a party, you’ll fit right in while epitomizing the old proverb “Drink to your health.”

One of the most delicious-sounding is the “Rock Your World” Healthy Cocktail, involving a mix of Emergen-C, orange juice and sparkling water. The recipe suggests you garnish the drink with fresh raspberries and orange slices.

The best part is, adding fresh fruit can only help boost those necessary antioxidants. And once you’re feeling 100%, maybe it’s time to spike these concoctions.

See the full list at The Bachelor Guy.

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